Epson Stylus NX130 on Ubuntu 12.04

SUMMARY:  this post will get the Epson Stylus NX130 scanner working under Ubuntu.

As the Amazon reviews suggest, the Epson Stylus NX130 is not a combination printer and scanner that you should buy on purpose.  The ink cartridges are unreasonably expensive and contain a chip that makes them automatically stop working after a certain amount of printing, so you can't refill the Epson cartridges and most generic cartridges won't work.  If you want cheap, low-maintenance at-home printing, get yourself something nice like a Brother Duplexing Monochrome Laser Printer (they even have a version that supports Google Cloud Print) and some toner refills.
That being said... most of my Berkeley belongings are found, not bought.


Hello World

"But don't you already have a blog?"

Correct!  And Higher Still has become my professional blog; this will be my personal blog.

What happens over there?  I share lifestyle advice, primarily.  Read those articles like an instruction manual, and hopefully they'll improve your life.

Over here?  I'll share various and sundry opinions and talk about the more interesting things going on in my own life.  Travel and adventure, books and music, politics and tech news?  Over here.  Reading these articles will almost certainly not improve your life.

Don't forget food porn.
Trying some of this stuff at home is more likely to end it.